Celebrities to Close the Lens on Instagram’s New Privacy Policy

Users are outraged all over the nation about Instagram’s new privacy policy, and my first thought was, “Why do I care?” Yes, it  seems sketchy and unreliable, but this new policy has no affect on me. Instagram has been trending on Twitter for the past two days from what I thought was the battle between the two services. I heard it’s another Netflix scandal (and yes my family took part in that), but…

Little did I know…

Celebrities can’t risk having their pictures sold, so they are deleting their accounts and flocking to similar services like Flickr. As a pop culture addict, being invested in this demographic is a part of my life (sounds pathetic), and if they are ditching Instagram so should I. However, Twitter’s new photo filters don’t satisfy me. While other services can’t replace my love for Instagram’s Lo-Fi, Hefe and Early Bird, I need to stay updated in the entertainment world.

One problem: building a following is tough, especially with so many social platforms. Half of my followers don’t catch on to trends until the entire population has heard of them. Even so, where is the time to manage Facebook, Twitter, Keek, Instagram and a new picture site.

I value what Instagram has brought to the social world, but with everything comes change.
-Note to Instagram: Keep your users happy.


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